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  NCG, Nicaragua
NCL, Neukaledonien
NFK, Norfolk Island
NGR, Niger (Republic of the)
NIG, Nigeria (Federal Republic of)
NMB, Namibia (Republic of)
NOR, Norway
NPL, Nepal (Federal Democratic Republic of)
NRU, Nauru (Republic of)
NZL, New Zealand

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Namibia (Republic of), NMB
Nauru (Republic of), NRU
Nepal (Federal Democratic Republic of), NPL
Netherlands (Kingdom of the), HOL
Netherlands Antilles, ATN
Neukaledonien, NCL
New Zealand, NZL
Nicaragua, NCG
Niger (Republic of the), NGR
Nigeria (Federal Republic of), NIG
Norfolk Island, NFK
Northern Marianas, MRA
Norway, NOR

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