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  S, Sweden
SDN, Sudan (Republic of the)
SEN, Senegal (Republic of)
SEY, Seychelles (Republic of)
SLM, Solomon Islands
SLV, El Salvador (Republic of)
SMO, Samoa (Independent State of)
SMR, San Marino (Republic of)
SNG, Singapore (Republic of)
SOM, Somali Democratic Republic
SRB, Serbia (Republic of ) -> Remarks
SRL, Sierra Leone
SSD, South Sudan (Republic of)
STP, Sao Tome and Principe (Democratic Republic of)
SUI, Switzerland (Confederation of)
SUR, Suriname (Republic of)
SVK, Slovak Republic
SVN, Slovenia (Republic of)
SWZ, Swaziland (Kingdom of)
SYR, Syrian Arab Republic

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Saint Kitts and Nevis (Federation of), KNA
Saint Lucia, LCA
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, VCT
Samoa (Independent State of), SMO
San Marino (Republic of), SMR
Sao Tome and Principe (Democratic Republic of), STP
Saudi Arabia (Kingdom of), ARS
Senegal (Republic of), SEN
Serbia (Republic of ) -> Remarks, SRB
Seychelles (Republic of), SEY
Sierra Leone, SRL
Singapore (Republic of), SNG
Slovak Republic, SVK
Slovenia (Republic of), SVN
Solomon Islands, SLM
Somali Democratic Republic, SOM
South Africa (Republic of), AFS
South Sudan (Republic of), SSD
Spain, E
Sri Lanka, CLN
Sudan (Republic of the), SDN
Suriname (Republic of), SUR
Swaziland (Kingdom of), SWZ
Sweden, S
Switzerland (Confederation of), SUI
Syrian Arab Republic, SYR

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