International Database of Confirmations for Reception Reports

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  CAF, Central African Republic
CAN, Canada
CBG, Cambodia (Kingdom of)
CEU, Ceuta (inoff. -> E)
CHL, Chile
CHN, China (People's Republic of)
CKH, Cook Islands
CLM, Colombia (Republic of)
CLN, Sri Lanka
CME, Cameroon (Republic of)
CNR, Canary Islands
COD, Democratic Republic of the Congo: -> Remarks
COG, Congo (Republic of the) -> Remarks
COM, Comoros (Union of the)
CPV, Cape Verde (Republic of)
CTI, Cote d'Ivoire (Republic of)
CTR, Costa Rica
CUB, Cuba
CVA, Vatican City State
CYM, Cayman Islands
CYP, Cyprus (Republic of)
CZE, Czech Republic

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Cambodia (Kingdom of), CBG
Cameroon (Republic of), CME
Canada, CAN
Canary Islands, CNR
Cape Verde (Republic of), CPV
Cayman Islands, CYM
Central African Republic, CAF
Ceuta (inoff. -> E), CEU
Chad (Republic of), TCD
Chile, CHL
China (People's Republic of), CHN
Clandestine/Untergrundstationen, 3-CL
Colombia (Republic of), CLM
Comoros (Union of the), COM
Congo (Republic of the) -> Remarks, COG
Cook Islands, CKH
Costa Rica, CTR
Cote d'Ivoire (Republic of), CTI
Croatia (Republic of), HRV
Cuba, CUB
Cyprus (Republic of), CYP
Czech Republic, CZE

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